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About IQ Tests

Are you the next Einstein? Could you be the president of MENSA? How much smarter are you than your boss? Take a free IQ test and see how you rank against the rest of the world!

When you take a free IQ test, you enjoy a challenging and entertaining test, as well an accurate representation of your IQ score. We will give you a short set of questions that have been specifically designed and validated by professional accredited psychologists to measure IQ. Then we will tally your score based on the percentage of questions you answered correctly in comparison to others who have taken this test. Take a Free IQ Test

Are you curious about IQ scores? An intelligence quotient has been a recognized measure of intelligence for the last century around the world. IQ is known to be an indicator not only of your own intelligence, but also of career potential, social status, the intelligence of your children, and even your mortality. By taking our free online IQ test, you will gain invaluable information about your mental abilities, as well as the ability to compare your score to the rest of the world!

Each question in our IQ quiz has been rigorously tested to a premium online testing experience. We offer a comprehensive free online IQ test of your cognitive performance and easy-to-understand results. Once you finish the exam, you will be given your results instantly. We will present your IQ score and tell you how rank according to distribution of scores for this IQ test.

Isn't it time to see how your IQ compares? Put your skills to the test and take our free IQ test. It is a fun way to challenge your abilities and entertain your mind. Then review your results, compare with your friends or learn more about what your IQ score means. Isn’t it time you see that you’re smarter than all your peers?

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